Mizpah's original Sanctuary building was opened in 1928. The second building, which houses the Rabbi's office, office manager, library, Feinstein Social Hall, and kitchen on the first floor, with classrooms on the second floor, was opened in 1960.

This is the front of the Sanctuary building. The front entrance is only used on special occasions; otherwise the entry on the side from the parking lot is used.

Front Entrance

Sanctuary Entry

These are pictures in the Sanctuary, including a staircase from the first floor and the foyer in the back of the Sanctuary.


Sactuary Bima

Sanctuary FoyerStairs to Sanctuary

 As noted on Mizpah's History, the Sanctuary windows have a an interesting history. Click here to view the windows.

Rabbi's office has accommodating meeting space for one or many individuals.

 Rabbi Office1 Rabbi Office2

Information about Mizpah's Library is located under the Publications menu, or click here.

Feinstein Hall is the social room, where as shown here, Torah study is conducted as well as most food related events. Classrooms, not pictured, are on the 2nd floor of this building.

Feinstein Hall1

Feinstein Hall2

The kitchen in Feinstein Hall is not a Kosher kitchen, however pork and non-Kosher seafood products are not permitted in the kitchen.




The Mizpah Garden is a project ongoing since 1996. Begun as a way to get members involved and create usable and attractive space where there was none, the Garden of Life was dedicated in 1999. Already, our Garden has appeared twice on the Chattanooga Garden Club's summer Garden Tour, being the first non-residence to appear so. Twice annually, in the Spring and Fall, there is a Garden Work Day, where weeding and planting take place.

 Garden of Life2Garden of Life1

 Garden of Life4Garden of Life3

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